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How to make lighting control software Jands Vista output DMX on a MA 2port node...
The following assumes, the IP communication between the PC and the 2portNode works!

1. configure the 2portNode using any GrandMA product

 ArtNet Mode
 Port A 0:0 In
 Port B 0:0 Out
 (just examples)

Now you should be able to connect any DMX desk to the input and have its data present at the output - merged with what's coming from the ArtNet side.

2. in JandsVista go to Patch, Connect Universes
disconnect all universes - the list at the bottom should be clear
make sure the 2portNode is visible and NetworkStatus is ok
enable "ArtNet Broadcast"...

that's all, and it works over PowerLAN as well!

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Page last modified on December 23, 2009, at 03:00 AM