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This software is about converting session files between yamaha digital audio desks. It is a firefox addon, so you need to have Firefox or a recent version of Thunderbird or Seamonkey installed.

the latest version is to be found here

 195kB; version 0.25; june 2015

(if you have an older version installed, the automatic update should work)
for Firefox 43 you need to disable signature check: open about:config and set xpinstall.signatures.required to false

quick instructions

  • open the xpi in firefox (thunderbird / seamonkey), install the extension
  • after restarting firefox there is a new entry in "extra" or "tools" menu: OpenMixTools
    if there is no menu bar in your firefox open the firefox menu (top left) and in "settings" switch on the menubar
    if you can't find it enter this local URL: chrome://omt/content/omt.xul
  • click "import Yamaha" and load a yamaha session file, either YSE-StudioManager-format or a desk file
    or click "import iLive" to load a show file from Allen-Heath iLive consoles
    a list of the available scenes in that file should be displayed
    the last entry "(current state)" holds the current state of the desk from the very moment the file was saved!
  • select one of the scenes
    its content should be converted to the XML-format, click "show" / "hide" to toggle display in the middle (ignore the stylesheet warning)
  • you might now save this to a file, edit and reload it - if you want to, or:
  • select the desired export model and options and press "export"
    a dialog will open to ask for a place and name for the new file
    CAUTION: for LS9, M7 and PM5 this will always be an editor file, so you HAVE to name it ending with ".yse" otherwise StudioManager won't be able to open it! Also, if you want to reload it to a desk you 1st have to convert this back to a console file using StudioManager - thus any errors should be caught before you load the modified data to a real desk.
  • or click on "channellist" / "report" to export a channellist either to clipboard, as csv-data or directly as pdf
    the csv-data can easily be imported into a calculation software (OpenOffice, Excel, ...), a template is supplied if wanted

and once again:
DO HAVE BACKUP COPIES - this is development stuff, there is no warranty!
this software is neither approved, supported nor developed by Yamaha!

screenshot (scaled)

technical notes

the export is based on templates, if you want to use different default settings just locate your firefox profile: press the "about" button, it will tell you where the template folder is. It contains ..._tmp.yse files (where ... = a desk name)
Open such a "template" yse-file in StudioManager and edit whatever you want, during export in my OpenMixTools the 1st scene will be overwritten with values from the xml-file. For CLV1-1 series the file extension must be ".cle", for CLQLV1-7 series it must be ".clf".
But keep in mind that with the next update of OpenMixTools you will loose your personal template, so be sure to back it up somewhere else.


R = read / import; W = write / export

 PM5D V2M7CLM7CL V2, V3LS9CL/QL seriesiLive
Input Channels (Mono, Stereo)
HPF, Atten, PolarityRW--
MixBussesRW (read below)R
Fader, On, toSTRWR
HA Gain, 48VRRWRR (only 48V)
DCA assignRW--RW--
Output Channels (Mixes, Matrix, Stereo)
MixNames, PairingRWR
MixTypes (Var/Fixed and PreFad/Post)RWR
Fader, On, toSTRWR
EQ (Mixes)RW (1st 4 Bands)RW--
MatrixMasters (Config, Fader, On, EQ)RR (can be Mixes 17-24)RR (can be Mixes 25-32)--
SceneName, CommentRWR
DCA masters (Name, Fader, Mute)RW--RWR (Names only)
timestampR(of file)
 PM5D V2M7CLM7CL V2, V3LS9CL/QL seriesiLive


  • export of current CL and QL files changed to console files because both models share that file format. For safety reasons I could only recommend to test exported files in CL or QL editor before loading them on a real console.
  • for source files from M7CL or CL series the matrix sends can be set to be imported as additional mixes
    thus converting 24 mixes from M7CL to PM5D is possible (24 mixes from PM5D to M7CL not yet)
  • regarding mixbus configuration:
    the pre position can be set globally to "preFader" or "preEQ"
    follow pan can be set globally
  • if the source desk is missing channels (M7CL with 48 chan to LS9 with 64 chan) the remaining channels (49...64) are filled with default values and patched to "none". Similar behaviour applies to missing mixbusses (converting to PM5D).
  • Names (Channels, Mixes, DCAs) can have different lengths:
    PM5 4 chars, LS9 6 chars and M7 up to 8 characters
    with the checkbox "compact names" ticked it will try to strip spaces when converting longer channel names, otherwise they will just be cut off
  • 1st generation of CL series files will most probably not work, only tested for files from v1.14 on

release history

0.25 june 2015 CL and QL files of V3 are now imported - the file format seems to be the same as V1.7, but they were not recognized before
0.24 may 2015 bugfix required to make it work with Firefox V35 and later
0.23 oct 2014 now supports CL from V1.7 (incl V2) and QL - both sharing the same console files
0.22 aug 2014 some UI changes, icons, ...
more start options: bookmark, toolbar entry, options dialog in addon manager
0.21 feb 2013 export of CL series, but for now without headamp
read more parameters of iLive: faders, mix sends, ...
0.20 jan 2013 complete code change because mozilla removes E4X support
import of Yamaha CL series
basic import of A-H iLive shows
0.15 sept 2011 added reading of scene timestamp (will be exported into channellist and report)
0.14 sept 2011 again only increasing Mozilla version number..
0.12 july 2011 small fix to make it work with Firefox 5 and newer
0.11 may 2011 small fix to make it work with FF4.01 and newer
new "report" function to export complete channelsheets incl. an example template for OpenOffice
0.09 apr 2011 works with FF4 - there still is a bug that prevents installing in FF4.01 and newer, will be fixed soon...
added import of matrix-mixes on M7, so 24 mixes can be converted from M7CL to PM5D
some bugs fixed (patch IDs for M7CL V3.5 were missing, export mixbus type for PM5D did not work)
0.08 dec 2010 added M7CL V3.5
as of now this addon will install in Firefox 4 (and other brandnew beta software using Gecko 2) but it will not work - the next release will...
0.07 nov 2010 added DCAs and mutegroups
added channellist export (PDF export based on PDF Kreator by Thilo Brai)
0.05 july 2010 added mixbus EQs
added 2 more export options, small changes to UI
should now be working in Thunderbird V3 and Seamonkey V2 as well
0.04 june 2010 added Mixbusses and StereoFader
some more export options
button "tmpDir" shows location of template folder
write input delay on PM5
0.03 mar 2010 added M7CLV3
option to mute all inputs for exported file
read input delay on PM5
0.02b jan 2010 added scene comment
scenes can now be selected using a double click
some bugs (regarding EQ and channel names) fixed
0.02a dec 2009 added input EQ
longer channel names on LS9 and M7 supported
creating default values for channels that are missing in the source
0.01 sept 2009 1st test version
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Page last modified on January 26, 2023, at 09:33 PM