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a project to provide a generic xml file format for digital audio mixing consoles, to ease converting and editing sessions
focussed on the recent models from yamaha

OpenMixTools my project to convert yamaha session files

Of course this will not convert all the parameters stored in a session file. Due to the differences between models this does not seem wanted anyway. But if you are able to transfer most settings of your input and output channels this could help a lot. See the table on the project page for the status of supported parameters.

please visit Andys Forum for more info and discussion about all this
also visit for official software, manuals & updates

I held a presentation in november 2010 at the Tonmeistertagung in Leipzig covering this project, please find the documentation here

compatibility overview of session / data / file compatibility of current digital consoles

ymixtools during the process of deciphering the file format I created this tool to globally switch mix busses pre/post for PM5D, M7CL and LS9 and offline edit UDKs on the 1st Version of M7CL

a meaningless example for such an OpenMix-File, not all channels included to keep it smaller: Attach:test.xml

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