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this is a firefox addon to display and compare the prediction images as well as edit or generate loudspeaker setups of MAPPonlinePro by Meyer Sound Laboratories

please look here for most current version V0.84 including mozilla signature

 older: V0.80 as of may 2015
download (38kb, xpi-file) works as well in current Thunderbird, Seamonkey and Fennec (Firefox mobile on Android)
for Firefox 43-45 you need to disable signature check: open about:config and set xpinstall.signatures.required to false

quick start

new for MAPPonlineXT:

  • install the addon from
  • in MAPPonlineXT do some predictions and save each of them to a folder on your disk using File / Export image (jpg or png)
  • start the addon in Firefox (look in bookmarks or the Addon Manager)
  • choose viewer, navigate to the folder you used for saving the images to
  • press "AllImg" button, the other buttons are still left over from the now outdated MAPPonline

for outdated MAPPonline:

  • download and install the xpi-file (needs restart of browser)
  • in MAPPonline do some predictions and manually save each to the same folder on your disk using "Tools / Project Report"
  • in Firefox open the MAPPviewer from Tools/Mappviewer (maybe you have to turn on the menu bar first) or by typing chrome://mapp/content into the adress line (and bookmark this!)
  • in MAPPviewer click "choose dir" and browse to the folder on your harddisk you just saved the reports in
  • select the type of images to be listed (SoundField, ImpResp, ...)



When saving a project report MAPPonline saves all the prediction images and a html report. This viewer just lists all image files in a directory (separated by some filename similarities) and lets you compare them by just one click. Moreover it pulls some information from the html report. It might be useful to give your project reports meaningful names to ease picking the right one in the list.

  • SoundField / SpetrResp / FreqResp / ImpResp
    load images of that type only
  • AllImg
    load all *.jpg, *.gif and *.png images - maybe useful for all kinds of other purposes
  • between these buttons and the prediction image there is another button: "info"
    it shows the center frequency and bandwidth of the prediction currently shown and pressing it opens a popup showing even more information
  • ticking the "scale" checkbox will scale the image to fit into the window - as MAPP predictions are quite large horizontally this only cares about horizontal scale


The XML editor loads all the single loudspeakers from a scenario file into a grid and lets you edit their parameters all at once. You can add, copy or delete speakers as well (screenshot is older). Vastly speeds up working with sub arrays, right? It does not work for loudspeaker arrays, as they are editable easily in MAPP anyway.
Although there is only a "save as" button you can overwrite an existing file. Be sure to always reload the file either in MAPP or in this editor when you edited something!


This lets you create (subwoofer) arrays to be used in MAPPonline. This part is under construction, but some configurations already work. The parts that are grey are disabled because they are not available yet.
Be careful when inserting something into existing MAPP files, as things might get overwriten! So always have backup copies before pressing that button!
Keep in mind that there are also Galileo channels that will be generated accordingly.

(this screenshot taken on windows XP, the others are from Linux...)
more documentation on this to come...

some hints to run MAPPonline on Linux

release history

version notes
0.84 apr 2016 for generator:
added subwoofer 900-LFC
new mapp files now have auto sync drawing limits to prediction plane activated
0.83 dec 2015 now hosted and officially signed on
will open zip files from MAPPonlineXT
soundfield predictions are no longer generated by project report, use file/export image instead
no more support for FF mobile (fennec)
...and a lot of unvisible changes needed for the mozilla validation process
0.80 may 2015 bugfix to make it work with Firefox V35+
0.79 july 2014 added icons and an options dialog to the firefox add-on menu
upon installing or updating there will be a welcome page shown and a bookmark as well as a toolbarbutton installed
0.78 april 2014 added a "scale" checkbox to the viewer
fixed keyboard shortcuts
0.77 mar 2014 extended editing loudspeakers, now you can select any number of speakers and copy or delete them (delete will no longer work with older browsers/geckos)
also some cosmetic changes and improved resize handling
changed the update server to a SSL connection
0.75 mar 2013 removed E4X code from generator, so it should work with upcoming Firefox versions
some bugs (hopefully) fixed
updated template for generator
0.74 jan 2013 bugfix to make editor work with Firefox 18
0.73 june 2012 2 internal bugfixes
all 3 modules now share the same working directory
0.72 may 2012 endfired arrays are now created pointing to the left
smaller and bigger fixes... probably introducing new issues :-)
0.71 april 2012 2 small bugfixes
0.70 april 2012 UI now as tab pages,
first version of the generator,
added support for Thunderbird and FF mobile
0.61 oct 2011 fixed the info window to show details about the current prediction
0.6 sept 2011 small fix to keep up to date with newer mozilla versions
V0.5h july 2011 again a fix to allow installation in newer Firefox browsers
V0.5g may 2011 only a fix to allow installation in newer FF4 browsers, no other changes
V0.5f mar 2010 some fixes regarding file types
support for the new seamonkey V2 addon manager, but no longer older / other gecko engines!
V0.5e july 28th, 2009 fixed the XML editor
added automatic update for firefox addon manager
V0.5b sept 11th, 2006 this version archived here to support older scenarios
added the XML-editor
V0.4c 7th March 2006 added the info-button to retrieve prediction parameters
V0.3 2nd June 2005 added support for MAPPonlinePro
V0.2 9th february 2005 this version archived here to support browsing older predictions
V0.1 18th october 2004 1st public release


This software is absolutely use at own risk, no warranty or whatever. Also keep in mind that this software is neither written nor maintained by Meyer Sound Laboraties.
I'm not to be held responsible for any webpages or their content that might be found following any links on this page.
All registered trademarks - most likely something like MAPP online, Meyer Sound Laboraties and Mozilla - are to be treated as marked so even if they aren't explicitely.

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Page last modified on January 26, 2023, at 09:37 PM