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Brian is a tool that collects calculations and informations into a browsable interface, most useful for mobile applications. As of my profession it comprises things relevant for event and media technology - but it could quite easily be extended by anyone.

1st version for (older) J2ME mobile phones (based on Java)
in english
auf deutsch
(this version might not be updated very often any more)

...but you are most probably looking for this:
2nd version for smartphones, tablets, desktops etc. (based on HTML and JavaScript)
try it out: direct link

Language is to be choosen in the application (english, deutsch).
You want another language? Translating is quite easy...
Although it is loaded from a server you can run it locally from cache as well. All calculations are performed in your browser, no data is being send or received. There is no further documentation available, feel free to contact me for hints, bug reports, etc.

release history

version notes
june 2012 added optional on screen numpad
june 2011 added DMX calculator
april 2011 first public release of V2

due to changing the programming language the 2nd version has got some syntax changes regarding the content file listed here

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