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this is just a collection of hints about using opensuse linux on some machines or with some devices
maybe this page helps someone succeeding faster...

content of this page

  • new AMD PC
  • old athlon
  • Targa Visionary 1600
  • Dell latitude D531
  • HP ze5526es
  • peripherals

new AMD PC

AMD Phenom II X3 720 with 4GB Ram
Gigabyte MA770T UD3P rev 1.0
ATI Radeon HD4350

running 12.1 with KDE 4.3 (was OpenSuse 11.2 before)

VGAquite ok, radeonhd driver is giving poor results, video framerate is really bad
I now have the original ATI-driver installed, since version 10.7 even the suspend modes work quite well
youtube fullscreen does not work...
DVI and HDMI with 1920x1080 working as well
soundok, mic input (for skype): HDA ATI SB, ALC888 (hw:0,0)
HDMI audio not checked
USBserious issues with storage devices, needs investigation

old athlon

running 10.3 with KDE3 and 700MB ram

Soundblaster AWE32needs manual installation, module has to be unloaded for suspend
VGA ATI Rage128needs manual dpi-adjustment
Suspend to diskok, see above

Targa Visionary 1600

running 10.3 with KDE3 and 512MB ram

Modemmanual installation
VGAneeds manual dpi-adjustment
Suspend to diskok

Dell latitude D531

running 11.1 with KDE4.1 and 3GB ram

Soundok: HDA ATI SB
be sure to use model=laptop-hpmicsense in soundconfig, otherwise the jacks won't work!
Bluetoothok, be sure to update kbluetooth as original version was not working at all
WLAN BCM4312ok, issues with older drivers like BCM43xx (no WPA)
or the b43 driver from (kernel crashes in crowded cells!)
Modemmanual installation needed and is painful as it conflicts with the sound driver
there is a closed source driver for the HSF-modem available (here), needs kernel source
VGA ATI Radeon X1200 (RS690 791F)ok, proprietary fglrx driver did work, but the recent ones fail! so I switched back to "radeonhd", and if you enable option DRI it works really well
Suspend to disk or ramok - did not work in 10.3

be sure to install "libsmbios-bin" to make the radio hardware button work (bluetooth and wlan)
there is a dell repository on - don't know yet what to do with their packages...

HP ze5526ea

running 10.3 with 512MB ram

most important there is an issue with the integrated ALI chipset. opensuse tries to load the driver pata_ali and this somehow fails with the DVD-combo. While booting there is a long delay until it finds a solution. Luckily I found a workaround on some webpages: add the option "libata.pata_dma=1" to the grub entry or enter it manually at bootprompt.

WLANBCM43xx-firmware, but no WPA!
might work with b43 driver from but I did not checked that yet! instructions in german are here
or try the proprietary Broadcom driver "broadcom-wl"
VGA ATI RS200M (Radeon IGP 345M)ok
Suspend to diskok

and now some peripherals...

Printer HP Photosmart C5180

works. I only tried the network connection, but using HPLIP you can control everything, CUPS serves printing and the scanner is to be used with xsane when started by the HP Device Manager.
The integrated memory card reader can be accessed via the smb-protocol, make a connection to
smb://(printer_name or IP)/memory_card
when asked for user data enter name: Admin and password: NTLM

mobile phone HTC Touch Diamond (XDA Diamond)

update 2014 Synce and OpenSuse 13.1
USB-Storage and Bluetooth work out of the box, synchronization using opensync and synce works as well, but is really hard to install. more details to follow...
You can use the internet connection on your PC through the USB cable on the mobile phone as well, maybe I write some notes about that, as the configuration is crazy.
...I'm using finch sync with thunderbird now, synchronisation is fast and works - thanks so much!
and if you're looking for a real E-Mail client: qmail

hope all this helps, Christian G├╝ssmer 2008-2010

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Page last modified on January 22, 2014, at 12:04 AM