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some notes about the Soundcraft Si2 digital audio mixing console (www)


The input channel's filter button always switches on both, HPF and LPF. Even when the LPF is set to 20kHz it reduces the HF response. The output channels do not have HPF (or LPF) - you have to work around that by using a shelving filter.


input to master1,09ms
input to aux bus1,09ms
input to group bus to master1,18ms
input to master to matrix1,18ms

as the desk only features analog in-/ouputs all the above are such
measurements have been made using pink noise and a dual FFT, filters in input channels had been switched off

Master fader for monitor use

In order to have the master fader control your listen volume you have to use a balanced XLR->jack cable and run the monitor out back into one of the insert returns. Now configure that insert to be used on the master (Menu/Insert) and connect your listen wegde (IEM) to the master out. Be absolutely sure to turn off the factory set LR monitor link (Menu/Monitors: LR Monitor Speakers)!
btw: the master fader is not motorized and not saved with the scenes / shows

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Page last modified on December 17, 2010, at 03:05 AM