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some technical notes for the Digico SD8 ( www)
this page is probably not complete...


The desk has a unique IP in a class-B network 192.168.*.*, subnet mask
Make sure to enable networking in options menu on both the console and the remote - that will need a reboot of the SD8 software! The IP is to be found in the network window.

To connect give your PC another unique IP, plug in the network cable, and make sure they can ping each other. For a direct connection use a "crossover" cable, if there is a switch, hub or router in between use "1:1" or "patch" cables. Now make sure to load a session on the console - networking will not work if you don't! Finally start the remote software, in the status windows there should appear a green indicator for ethernet and a second column for the status of the network partner.

If the ethernet status on the console is red and the remote column stays empty no networking will be possible, although you will be able to ping the console. Only known solution is to choose another IP on the remote PC and try again. In order not to confuse the console it is advisable to reboot it before normal operation!

PC / subnet mask / (gateway, dns not needed)


...using a Linksys WRT-54GL
this router does not allow class-B subnets, but it works anyway
extending the example from above, set your PC's wireless network to another IP, maybe / subnet mask / gateway
give the router the IP and leave its subnet mask at


all measured at 48kHz using pink noise, dual-FFT

 local outMadiRack out
Local in to direct out1,88ms2ms
Local in to a group2,2ms2,34ms
Local in to master group with GEQ (insert A)2,27ms 
Local in to a group to master group with GEQ2,61ms2,72ms
MadiRack in to master group2,34ms2,45ms
MadiRack in to master group with GEQ2,4ms2,52ms
MadiRack in to aux 2,45ms
MadiRack in to master group to matrix 2,83ms
MadiRack in to master group (with GEQ) to matrix 2,9ms
MadiRack in with GEQ inserted
to master group (with GEQ) to matrix
MadiRack in with ChorusFX inserted
to master group (with GEQ) to matrix

channel processing (PEQ, Gate, Comp or multiband Comp) does not affect latency


Since V443 the SD8 is capable of running at 96kHz. The latency will reduce i.e. from 2,27ms to 1,16ms for local in to master with geq inserted to local out. Standard MADI connections are not running at 96kHz so you will either loose half of the channel count or have to use fibre optic interfaces.

I'm not to judge about the pros and cons here but rather show two dual FFT measurements. Both have been made using pink noise from a "96kHz source". The blue line shows the direct connection to show that there really is something; magenta curve is 48kHz, yellow is 96kHz.

direct path
local in to master to local out, no further processing
with graphic EQ
dto. but a graphic EQ inserted in master, 2k and 20k at full - here the difference due to anti alias filtering is quite obvious
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Page last modified on October 18, 2011, at 11:45 PM