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this is about "qmail", a free E-Mail client for (old) windows mobile 6.x (phones)
also known as "q3u" or just "q3", the official site is here
this has got nothing to do with QMAIL, the MTU-package running on mail servers!

1st of all thanks a lot to the author(s) for this great tool!
the only disadvantage is the lack of an understandable manual (documentation is mainly in japanese)

initial settings

when creating an imap account be sure not to have whitespace after an address, that sometimes happens with the different input methods...

choose a sync filter on the last account settings tab... otherwise you won't see any message content. But be aware that "IMAP all" for instance fetches everything including attachments to your mobile phone...

imap error about SSL certificate (strato)

If your mail provider uses a new SSL certificate, that has not been included in the original windows setup, QMAIL fails to connect. This happened to strato users when they moved to a T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom) root certificate. The solution is to manually import the new root certificate into the windows mobile certificate manager. This might be a *.cer - file. In the case of strato you'll find a description here and the certificate here. Navigate with a browser on your windows mobile device to the URL, download and open the file. Read and accept the import dialog, maybe restart your device.
Also make sure in QMAIL's setting "load certificates from system" is enabled.

sending mail with IMAP accounts

it took me quite some time to figure out how to send mails when you configured an IMAP account, so I take a note here, maybe someone could use this information.

the "secret" is that qmail does not create a local "outbox" when you create an IMAP account, but without that outbox it is impossible to send or even save a new message - you'll only get an error message. what you have to do:

  1. go to your folder overview screen: from the top dropdown list pick the name of your account
  2. use the menu to create a local folder, choose any name for it (maybe: localoutbox)
  3. select that folder and again use the menu to open it properties
  4. on the right select "outbox" as this folder's function
  5. if you already have a "sent" folder in your IMAP account select that folder and open its properties, selecting "sent" as its function,
    OR: create another local folder for your sent mails

The "outbox" keeps the mail until it is sent, so needs to be local. Then it will be moved to the "sent"-folder, so the latter could be either local or on the server, just keep an eye on your online costs (that is either data transfer or time).

The whole procedure is illustrated here - thats where I got it from as well, so thanks to the author there!

do not sync the IMAP trash folder

Syncing the trash folder can get very annoying as qmail has to retrieve all the messages you already moved there because you don't want them...

So in order to get rid of that create a local trash folder - compare above how to do so. Then on the account overview screen, where all your folders are shown as a tree there are tiny checkboxes in front of each folder. If you untick the IMAP trash it won't be synced anymore. And if there is a SPAM folder on your IMAP server you probably don't want to sync it as well...

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Page last modified on February 05, 2015, at 09:37 PM