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USB connection problems with NTI XL2

The audio measurement tool XL2 from NTI-Audio can be connected to PCs via USB in order to remotely control the device or access the storage card. This is about troubleshooting the remote control connection (COM-Port).

The USB connection emulates a serial port to send and receive data. There is a free application "XL2-Projector" to show the device's screen on your PC. Upon installing this did not work here on different Windows XP machines, so I tried to figure out, what to do.

When the serial driver is installed and the device connected there will be a new COM-Port shown in your device manager. Right there you'll find a number to identify the COM-Port. Here it was "COM5", but this number was already in use by another application, so that might be the cause why the connection did not work. To change the number open this port's properties by doubleclicking its entry. On the second tab click on "extended" to open another window that has a drop down list with all available numbers.

As this is MS Windows now a restart is a good idea.

To check which port XL2-Projector tries to connect to start it from a command line with parameter "-a". It will show a drop down box to choose the correct COM-Port, most likely the one you just set in device manager. Both settings will be remembered and only need to be made once.

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Page last modified on February 18, 2012, at 09:35 PM