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If you're looking for video editing on a linux PC sooner or later you'll meet either Kdenlive or Kino. Personally I found Kdenlive to be a bit easier to use.

Anyway, kdenlive seems to have a problem with keeping audio synchronized at least with some video files. But there is a solution: before adding the files extract the audio to wav files using a tool like avidemux or synthgunt. Then separately add the video and the audio to the timeline. Be sure to select "video only" for the video clip. Now the audio will stay synced. The donwside is that you can't use the clip monitor to cut the clips before adding them to the timeline - you have to edit everything directly on the timeline otherwise you can't cut the separate audio clips.

This solution is perfectly explained here: thanks!

The audio sync problem has been experienced using kdenlive and avi-clips with VGA resolution and 15fps.

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Page last modified on May 02, 2010, at 06:04 PM