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Java WebStart

There are Java applications that use the "Java WebStart" procedure. Normally they are provided by an jnlp-file. With official sun java there is a "cache viewer" that lets you run such applications online or offline.

If you want to run them from your desktop using the OpenJDK / IcedTea Java alternative download this jnlp file to a local folder, maybe ".java" in your home directory. Create a shortcut on your desktop that will execute a command like this:

/usr/bin/javaws /home/(...)/.java/(application).jnlp

Of course you have to fill in your local username and the real jnlp filename. To find out if javaws is installed somewhere else on your system you might use "whereis javaws".

If sometimes you want to run that application offline as well copy that shortcut and add -noupdate to the command:

/usr/bin/javaws -noupdate /home/(...)/.java/(application).jnlp

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Page last modified on March 18, 2013, at 02:43 AM