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keys and hints for encrypted/signed E-Mails


please import my public PGP key. Besides this download link you could also get it from some well known PGP key servers. (update 2019: now with MDC)
SHA1 of the download file: 228c9a206a46961280c5e39024427d6d296bdb97
fingerprint of the key: 6635 A5E3 52B2 ECC2 8295 6123 D18C DA2A 02DC 04AE

ct-Kryptokampagne external link (german)
older text describing PGP (german)


I use a self signed SSL certificate, so in order to use it you have to import AND trust my CA certificate - this is a new file from 2018 on!
SHA1 of the download file: d99bef01e5b4faa5a61e2886ee025efd013bc6bf
fingerprint of the certificate: A437 96D4 B14D 1995 94C4 7402 7ACF 9D99 7C3A 6203

older version of that CA certificate until end of 2017:
SHA1 of the download file: 0efaba6f6b274405ccd404357ae796c941215a4c
fingerprint of the certificate: CC72 F863 45CB 24A0 1C14 F758 E040 3977 5F87 2E97

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