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this is about how to use
CalDavZAP - a web frontend for CalDav Calendars with
Baikal - a server for CalDav (and CardDav)
on shared web hosting

Please see the respective projects for setting each one up, I will only provide hints on make them work together. I simply put Baikal server in a folder on my server, lets assume "bk" and created another subfolder in there for CalDavZAP, called "www".
Tested versions are: Baikal 0.2.6 and CalDavZAP ...update: still works with Baikal 0.2.7 and CalDavZAP 0.13.0


In Baikal server create a user - let's call him "test", leave the calendar name at "default calendar".
Under settings leave the WebDAV authentication type at "Digest". (does not work for Thunderbird...)


Use a text editor to open config.js in CalDavZAP's main directory.

  1. disable globalAccountSettings (this seems to be default now, so might be skipped)
  2. change globalNetworkCheckSettings to the URL for your server:
    var globalNetworkCheckSettings={href: '',... (leave or change other params as you like)
  3. enable var globalUseJqueryAuth=true;
  4. configure other params (language, startview, etc) as you like...
  5. Look for the file "cache.manifest" in caldavzap directory, on its 2nd line (starting with #V) change maybe the last digit of the following number. This is needed to make the browser flush the cache from last usage - there is also a script to do that, but it does not work for me.


You should now be able to access and log in with the username and password you created in Baikal server. Use Firebug console to check for possible errors.
To use that calendar in Thunderbird/Lighting create a new calendar "on the net", calDAV,
Thunderbird requires auth type "basic" in Baikal!
If you want to use more than one calendar / addressbook from the same domain in Thunderbird you have to set an option "" to true in about:config!

SSL proxy

If your shared hosting is with Strato, you could use their SSL proxy ( even for this scenario. See their FAQ for general details.

  • in Baikal system settings change CalDAV base URI to "/" (including the qoutes)
  • in CalDavZAP config.js change the above mentioned URL to
  • use to access the web frontend.
  • Thunderbird URL becomes:

(exchange with your domain name in all cases)

And thanks again for all that great open source software!

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Page last modified on September 22, 2015, at 10:33 AM