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keys and hints for encrypted/signed E-Mails


please import my public PGP key. Besides this download link you could also get it from some well known PGP key servers.
SHA1 of the download file: 5b155187b997cbe1a0c571606a750b4886f9c2d7
fingerprint of the key: 6635 A5E3 52B2 ECC2 8295 6123 D18C DA2A 02DC 04AE

ct-Kryptokampagne external link (german)
older text describing PGP (german)


I use a self signed SSL certificate, so in order to use it you have to import AND trust my CA certificate. Details on how to do that with Thunderbird are to follow.
SHA1 of the download file: 0efaba6f6b274405ccd404357ae796c941215a4c
fingerprint of the certificate: CC72 F863 45CB 24A0 1C14 F758 E040 3977 5F87 2E97

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Page last modified on June 19, 2017, at 02:55 PM