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auf deutsch / german version

latest version download V0.14 (44kB)
perhaps those 2 files are needed, too: .jad, manifest

This little application is meant to provide oftenly used informations and calculations on a mobile phone. It comprises a single XML-file containing the navigation and content. Only optional images (nothing but png will be accepted by mobile phones) have to be supplied separately. The XML-file and the optional images are directly contained in the JAR-file and may be edited, added or removed at any time without recompiling the application.

 ...more info about editing 

The content may be simple texts, optional with one small image or forms to perform calculations. The formulas used in calculations are not limited to the 4 standard arithmetics of mobile phones; they even allow simple program steps.

try it out

On there are 2 ways to try J2ME-Software without a mobilephone. Both of them work on any platform that has a working Java installation and they are free. Just for being sure: I have nothing to do with this emulating software and thereby do not take any responsibility...

  1. JavaWebStart: start it
    Clicking the link starts JavaWebStart and will download the emulator from (1,8MB). Afterwards you are asked to grant full access because the J2ME-emulator will run locally.
  2. local emulator: the Mpowerplayer SDK comprises besides other software a standalone-J2ME-emulator. After downloading the software (appr. 6,5 MB) put the Brian-files (Brian.jar and Brian.jad) into its program directory and run the emulator: java -jar player.jar Brian.jad


taken from the emulator of J2ME-WTK, german version shown
a simple form (shown: convert temperatures)
(really) short text and image (of an XLR-plug)


an overview of the content:

  • conversions audio
    • sinewaves
    • delays
    • bandwidth / Q
    • dB / Volts
    • max. SPL
    • Endfire Subs
    • SubLine
    • atmospheric absorption (thanks to
    • voltage gain
    • power gain
    • LimiterThreshold
  • Light_Video
    • DMX-Dip-Switches (decimal-binary)
    • projection
    • PAR-Lamp types
    • list of videomodes
  • mathematic
    • square root
    • percent
    • speed
    • areas
    • circle
    • hex/dec/bin
    • Pythagorean theorem
    • law of sines
  • electricity
    • 3-Phase-Power
    • voltage drop
    • power factor
  • Euro / Dollar
  • metric / imperial conversions
    • mass
    • volume
    • temperatur
    • inches
    • feet
    • yards
    • miles
    • AWG
  • pinouts: XLR, DMX, RS232
  • other: TV-channels, Sennheiser ew color codes, STI/ALcons table

some more words about the XML-file or "how to edit the contents"

a short list of compatibility

SonyEricsson K700, W800, W910iyesformating of text and the search-function do not work
Nokia 9300, 9500 (communicator)yes 
Nokia E50, N70, 6288, 6230, 6131yes 
Nokia E61i,E62, E70partlydue to a bug in nokias java implementation (KIJ000491) the cursor gets locked in some fields - there is a special version as a workaround, but only with the german content file...
HTC Touch diamond = O2 xda diamond (Windows Mobile 6.1)yes 
Motorola A780yes 
Vodafone VPA Comact III (Windows Mobile 5.0)yes 
Nokia 6610perhapsthere are problems caused by phone's MIDP1.0 cababilities


V0.14Sept 2007added hex/bin-format for fields
V0.13Feb 2006small changes...
V0.1bFeb 2006natural and common logarithm added, some more content
V0.1a2005fist version

based on code from Konstantin Knizhnik and henson.midp.Float from Nikolay Klimchuk
compiled using Sun J2ME WTK on Linux

Please keep in mind that I do not take any responsibility for this software - use it freely but also totally at own risk!
If you want to say "thank you for this application", you might use this special link to Thomann. It would be very kind to do that before ordering something there, of course. :-)

Christian G├╝ssmer 2005-07

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